North America

Grand canyon

 North America has it all! From the spectacular mountain scenery of the US Rockies, to the dramatic vistas of the West Coast, from the golden beaches of Florida, to the awe-inspiring national parks, from the glitz and glamour of New York and Las Vegas, to the vast land of open spaces, stunning coast lines and elegant cities of Canada you can be absolutely certain that there is something for you in North America. 


  The vast frontier of Canada is a land of windswept prairies, towering mountains, fields of glaciers, pristine lakes and rocky coastlines. Filled with diverse wildlife like wolves, moose, bears, eagles and other animals, the Canadian landscape is one of great natural beauty and provides ample opportunity for outdoor sports like hiking, canoeing, fishing, skiing, […]


From buildings and burgers, national parks to theme parks, the USA loves doing everything bigger and better than anywhere else. Discover it for yourself by exploring any of the 50 states – you’ll find each of them has an unwavering sense of their own identity and unforgettable experiences that are totally unique. From the bustling […]