River Cruise

swan river cruise

From the waters of the blue Danube that flow through the romantic cities of Vienna and Budapest, to the enchanting landscapes lining the banks of the Rhine and the sophisticated Parisian Seine, there’s more going on along the riverbanks of Europe than you can imagine.

European river cruises allow you to experience the very heart of a country, getting a glimpse of its authentic culture and lifestyle, far away from the tourist traps visited by the larger ocean cruises.

With a multitude of itineraries on offer, covering the whole of the world’s most exciting and culturally varied continent, you’ll have the opportunity to go pretty much anywhere you fancy in the height of luxury, style and comfort aboard an intimate yet elegant river cruise vessel.

Further a field we can offer River Cruises in the more exotic regions of Vietnam and Cambodia on the Mekong. Burma on the Irrawaddy. China on the Yangtze or USA on the Mississippi.